Our Team AND Mission

Hi! We're Kim and Kev. Having grown up in Calgary most of our lives, we took a pretty traditional path with graduating University and getting jobs in the corporate world. After working a few years, an itch started for the both of us and we wanted to do something different. We saw the demand for photobooths after attending a bunch of weddings as well as planning for our own wedding in 2018, and loved how much SPUNK it added to events.

SO we got to work researching the right equipment and materials to provide a great quality product and experience. Our focus is to make sure people have tons of fun taking pictures and be able to bring home a sweet memento after a wild fun night! 

Our BIGGEST mission is to provide an entertaining, memorable, and hassle-free experience to any kind of event - whether it's holiday parties, weddings, conferences, birthday parties, and everything in between.

Our packages can provide coverage to suit all needs - we will set up and take care of the rest while your guests start creating memories!